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Top 10 Chinese pop songs and more

If you weren’t living under a rock in 2014-2015, then the song 小苹果 and its very strange lyrics and music video are probably familiar to you. We want you to stay on top of what music songs are popular in China right now so we’ve selected for you the top 10 Chinese songs you need to know right now. Listen to these to get into the Chinese musical groove and get ready to rule the KTV! You’ll definitely impress your friends by knowing these up and coming trendy songs!

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Top 10 Chinese pop music songs to know now

I picked for you 10 of the best songs and artists according to QQ 2016 top charts of Chinese pop songs.  What do I mean by the best? Well, the trendiest, most popular songs among Chinese people, but also the most surprising, such as 苏运莹. The music videos are ranked by number of Youtube views from the highest to the lowest. Enjoy!

#1 苏运莹 – 2-0+1

苏运莹 participated in 中国好歌曲第二季 : the Chinese version of “The voice” TV show with this song she wrote on her own. It is all about being brave and keeping on fighting, what a great motto!

#2 李榮浩 Ronghao Li – 野生動物 Wild Animals

Ronghao Li songs

李榮浩 Li Ronghao is one of the most famous singers in China at the moment since he won many music awards and was recognized by many famous and talented Chinese artists such as Rainie.

If you like this song so much you want to sing it here are the lyrics!

#3 TFBOYS – 不完美小孩 高清完整音源 歌词字幕 Imperfect Kid

This band is formed by 3 boys very famous among Chinese people. Since their debut, they have made many appearances in music awards and various TV shows

tfboys songs

It’s better if you sing with the lyrics, so go for it and don’t be afraid of striking a false note!

#4 鹿晗 (Lu Han) – Excited 封印

鹿晗 Lu Han, 25 years old, is the former member of the well-know K-pop band EXO. He is now one of the most influential Chinese artist in China.

The lyrics can be useful.

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#5 Sunshine -甜蜜具现式

Sunshine is a Chinese girls band! They are really becoming famous in China but are barely known in foreign countries. We’re giving the best Chinese training ever with these lyrics.

#6 李宇春 (Li Yushun) – 野蛮生长


Chris lee songs

李宇春 (Li Yushun) is also known as Chris Lee. In addition to being a popular singer, she’s also an actress and won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Worldwide Act, which is a meowsome prize to gain international fame!

You’ll find the lyrics in the video! That’s some kind of magic 😉

#7 许嵩 (Xu song)- 燕归巢

Also, know as Vae in English, 许嵩 Xu song became famous by posting videos of him singing on the internet, some of his songs such as “The Funeral of Rose” started to be quickly popular among Chinese young people.

There are no lyrics yet available online that we found, maybe you can try to write them down?

#8 郑钧(Zhen jun) – 你必须幸福

Zhen jun became some kind of popular in the US thanks to the Chinese version he made of Coldplay’s song“Yellow”. After that, he joined the members of the jury of Happy Boys Voice (快乐男声) TV show, aka Superboy.

The lyrics for Zhen jun’s song are available on Mojim.

#9 魏語諾 – 躲不开

She decided to create a pop-rock band with few friends and became famous thanks to the song “花房姑娘”.

The best way to learn a language is by speaking, right? Try your best.

#10 俞灏明 (Yu Haoming) – 愚先生

participation in Happy Boys Voice (快乐男声) TV show, a singing contest aka Superboy. Now he appears a lot on TV shows such as Tian Tian Xiang Shang and Meteor Showe.

Try to read the Chinese pictograms in the lyrics.

Bonus song because I love Ronghao Li 李榮浩 so much:

李榮浩 Ronghao Li – 有理想 An Ideal

Which one is your favorite? Tell us if you know other 2016 pop songs you’d want to see make our top 10!
If you want to find more Chinese pop songs, use these Chinese music sites to start exploring!
And to listen to this 2016 playlist all over again, check our youtube playlist.

Two more bonus 2016 Chinese pop songs:

A reader sent us a message with two more great 2016 Chinese pop songs to listen to! The first one “五月天 Mayday – 派對動物 Party Animal” is #1 in the KKBOX chart and the second “林俊傑 JJ Lin – 只要有你的地方 By Your Side”  is #2 in the chart. Of course, we had to add them for your hearing pleasure!

五月天 Mayday – 派對動物 Party Animal

This famous Taiwanese rock band led by Ashin, the lead singer was created in 1995 and they’re still rocking today!
Check out the lyrics of Mayday’s Party Animal song here (thank you, Albert, for sending them to us)!

林俊傑 JJ Lin – 只要有你的地方 By Your Side

JJ Lin is a Singaporean singer based in Taiwan. He can sing in Mandarin, Cantonese and even Hokkien (a Chinese dialect spoken in Taiwan). This is so amazing! Wanna sing this song too? Check out the lyrics of JJ Lin’s song.

Do you know any other top 2016 Chinese pop songs we should add? Let us know!

Source: focustaiwan, playbuzz, jingdaily

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  • Jean-Rémi Laisne - August 23, 2016

    李榮浩 Ronghao Li is very good. I love his songs!

    The Nincha Team - August 23, 2016

    thanks for commenting! 李榮浩 is an impressive artist, isn’t he? Some of the Nincha Team members are big fans of his music! Are you?

    Jean-Rémi Laisne - August 23, 2016

    He had this little something that makes you want to hug him and say “my poor little boy” haha

  • Eatsum Natto - September 1, 2016

    there is a happy song about providing a girl with a storybook romance and fairy tale ending, but i don’t know the title. i heard it on the popular dating show. anyone?

    The Nincha Team - September 2, 2016

    Hi Eatsum Natto! That song doesn’t quite ring a bell, but let’s figure out what it is! Do you remember the name of the dating show by any chance? That’d be a good place to start!

    selene - September 30, 2016

    I don’t know if this is your song since its very old and its a sad song, its ‘Fairytale’ (Tong Hua) by Guang Liang. It was and still is probably one of the most popular chinese karaoke songs and the story fits your description about a girl not believing in fairytale endings but the guy trying to be her prince and make her change her mind.

    Eatsum Natto - September 30, 2016


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