7 ways to say Yes in Chinese

Yes is a very useful word to learn in any language. You use it to show you agree, to show your enthusiasm, to seal a deal and in many many different situations. As a Chinese learner, you were surely taught that while there is no direct equivalent to Yes in Chinese, is an acceptable substitute. But there is more!

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Ninchanese7 ways to say Yes in Chinese

Sorry in Chinese – 3 Magic Words to apologize

Just stepped on someone’s hand? What do you say? How do you apologize in Chinese? How to say sorry in Chinese? When in China, it’s important to know how to say sorry. It can get you out of awkward situations, like say, if someone starts yelling at you and you’re… well, not quite sure what they’re saying or why they’re mad. It’s amazing how saying sorry can (sometimes) immediately defuse a situation! So, think of “Sorry” as the magic word you need to know! Better yet, we’re going to show you 3 magic words to use to apologize in Chinese, so you can say sorry in Chinese when you step on someone or when you’ve just spilled this very angry-looking person’s drink….

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NinchaneseSorry in Chinese – 3 Magic Words to apologize