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Top blog posts from 2013!

With 2013 all wrapped up, and 2014 fresh and full of new opportunities, here’s a round up of our top blog posts of 2013 from Ninchanese! Cute cats, fashion, learning tips, infographics, strange buildings… there’s something for everyone!

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NinchaneseTop blog posts from 2013!

China stunning architectural: Top 5 of 2013

China’s known for developing at a breath-taking speed. Sure, there are bound to definitely be some architectural duds along the way, some building fails, some “Only in China” moments and definitely some WTF?! constructions. But from time to time, in China stunning architectural moments happen! Here are 5 architectural wonders to celebrate in China in 2013.

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NinchaneseChina stunning architectural: Top 5 of 2013

Best Chinese copies

China is full of wonders and surprises. It’s also full of copies and imitations. Here is our top of the Best Chinese copies.  Which sometimes are also really surprising. What are some of the most astonishing imitations one can find in China? Architectural knock-offs! These architectural imitations can range from buildings (the Eiffel Tower, for instance) to the entire village and look more or less authentic. Let me take you on a tour of the Best Chinese copies of architectural so you can see for yourself!

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NinchaneseBest Chinese copies