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Discounts in Chinese: Don’t be fooled by the 折 sign

Don’t you love the sight of a great sale? How awesome is it to score a miaowtastic item 90% off? One of the members of our Google + Chinese language community pointed out something though: discounts in Chinese are confusing. It’s true. Discounts in Chinese don’t have a % sign on them AND they don’t work the same way they do in the West.
So how do you understand sale signs in China? Here’s what you need to know to never miss out on a great sale!

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NinchaneseDiscounts in Chinese: Don’t be fooled by the 折 sign

China stunning architectural: Top 5 of 2013

China’s known for developing at a breath-taking speed. Sure, there are bound to definitely be some architectural duds along the way, some building fails, some “Only in China” moments and definitely some WTF?! constructions. But from time to time, in China stunning architectural moments happen! Here are 5 architectural wonders to celebrate in China in 2013.

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NinchaneseChina stunning architectural: Top 5 of 2013

Infographic: Should you learn Chinese?

Wondering if you should learn Chinese? This picture takes a look at whether Americans are at a linguistic disadvantage considering China’s rapid rise; and its quick increase in the number of English speakers. So, take a look at this infographic and take a leaf out of China’s book!

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NinchaneseInfographic: Should you learn Chinese?

Best Chinese copies

China is full of wonders and surprises. It’s also full of copies and imitations. Here is our top of the Best Chinese copies.  Which sometimes are also really surprising. What are some of the most astonishing imitations one can find in China? Architectural knock-offs! These architectural imitations can range from buildings (the Eiffel Tower, for instance) to the entire village and look more or less authentic. Let me take you on a tour of the Best Chinese copies of architectural so you can see for yourself!

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NinchaneseBest Chinese copies

Big increase in Chinese learners, now set to rule France

France sees a 400% increase in Chinese learners

NinchaneseBig increase in Chinese learners, now set to rule France