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A-ya! 20 Chinese interjections to absolutely know!

The more you listen to Chinese speakers, the more you start noticing the little sounds that pepper their discourse. It’s what we call Chinese exclamative particles or interjections 语气词 yǔ-qì-cí.

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NinchaneseA-ya! 20 Chinese interjections to absolutely know!

Trending in China: Cafés with Purrsonality!

When Angel Huang, from Mandarin HQ, reached out to us and said she’d love to make an interview of cat café owners and users in China in Mandarin for us, we couldn’t resist! Seriously, cats + Chinese… Doesn’t that sound like a match made in heaven for Ninchanese? You know how much we love cats at Ninchanese, and our Chinese learning solution is full of them! Our focus is also on providing you with real, authentic Chinese content, and that’s something that matters to her tremendously as well. We’re therefore very happy to be welcoming Angel on this blog for a guest post on Cat cafés in China!

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NinchaneseTrending in China: Cafés with Purrsonality!