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Trending in China: Cafés with Purrsonality!

When Angel Huang, from Mandarin HQ, reached out to us and said she’d love to make an interview of cat café owners and users in China in Mandarin for us, we couldn’t resist! Seriously, cats + Chinese… Doesn’t that sound like a match made in heaven for Ninchanese? You know how much we love cats at Ninchanese, and our Chinese learning solution is full of them! Our focus is also on providing you with real, authentic Chinese content, and that’s something that matters to her tremendously as well. We’re therefore very happy to be welcoming Angel on this blog for a guest post on Cat cafés in China!

Have you ever been to a cat café? Apparently, they’re everywhere in China now. As a Chinese learner, don’t you think a cat café is the purrfect opportunity to go pet cats, drink coffee AND practice your Chinese at the same time? To give you a feeling of what a cat café is like in China, Angel from Mandarin HQ did what she does best: go interview the cat café owners and those who go to cat cafés, in Mandarin Chinese of course, to give you a taste of what real Chinese sounds like! Alright, let’s dive in!

Over to you, Angel! Tell us about cat cafes

Meow Bar… Mimi Pet… Cup Cats… Meow’s Coffee… Cappucimeow… Cafés with names like these are popping up in cities across China, and I’m pawsitive it’s not a coincidence!

What is a cat café?

The question is: “Why is this trend catching on so fast?” To find out, I sat down for a chat with the owners of Mimi Pet and Meow Bar

Press “play” to practice your Chinese listening skills and learn what the fuss is all about!

Can’t see the video above? Click here

Download the interview to practice your listening skills in Mandarin! Here’s the sound (in mp3) and here’s a transcript of the interview in pdf. Just click to download.


Profile picture of Angel Huang from Mandarin HQ THIS WAS A GUEST POST BY ANGEL HUANG

Angel is the founder of Mandarin HQ – a blog aimed at helping learners bridge the gap
between textbook Chinese and real spoken Chinese through authentic interview videos
and tutorials. You can grab a free copy of her guide: 7 Keys to Improving Your Chinese
Listening Skills Fast.


Thanks Angel!

The Nincha Team

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NinchaneseTrending in China: Cafés with Purrsonality!