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Nincha is visiting the Chinese Part of Pairi Daiza

Nincha was super excited to be with Mat visiting the Chinese Parts of Pairi Daiza this weekend! Take a small walk with Nincha and see his pictures to discover Chinese buildings and the little China that lives in Pairi Daiza.

Pairi Daiza is a really cool place to go to if you live near Belgium. Why is this place so cool? There are many reasons this place has been voted “Best theme park” in the Benelux, but our top reason to love this place is that they have a really beautiful area that represents China. It really looks like China, so if you miss the Middle Kingdom or have never been to China, Pairi Daiza is the place to go. Every little aspect of the China area is from China, they even brought back some rocks from China! Like they say: “Everything is authentic: the temples, pavilions, the paths of gemstones, the scholarly garden, stones, jade, the bronze…” Sound cool, isn’t?

That’s not all, they also put animals from China in that area: pandas (they even had a little baby panda birth last year), red pandas, birds, alligators and more in what they call the largest “Chinese garden” outside of China.

Really, if you’re itching to go (back) to China, go there. You’ll see nice Chinese roofs, typical Chinese-style windows and walls, a big Chinese style restaurant, a beautiful tea house that entirely comes from Shanghai (I like to imagine one day, a rich Belgium guy went to China and said “I want this in Belgium” and so they took it apart and brought every little part to there).

Really, being there is a little like being in China and that feels good sometimes. Ok, let’s stop speaking and let’s see the pictures!

Nincha visiting Pairi Daiza

Nincha found a statue in honor of Master Turtle at Pairi Daiza

Do you recognize what Nincha is sitting on? That’s an old turtle! What? Master Turtle looks like that?! Yes. The turtle in traditional China can be found in a lot of stories, from the black Turtle warrior to the turtle that holds the worlds. The turtle always represents forces and knowledge. They are often protector of entrances. If you’ve never been to China, I guarantee that when you do, you’ll see turtles (and Chinese lions / dragons) everywhere.

Nincha and a beautiful Shanghai tea house in Pairi Daiza

That’s the Tea Palace that was imported from Shanghai. It’s a very nice place to be and I always stop there to take an ice cream. I know, I should be having a cup of tea or something but the ice cream there is really good. I don’t feel guilty :p.

Nincha in the Chinese walkway at Pairi Daiza

In China, in almost every park, you’ll find something like this walkway. They’re of varying length and are often (more or less) hand-decorated and adorned by paintings. It feels good to walk in a walkway, like that, in the shade. There are convenient places where you can sit and admire the view of the park. In China, it’s not rare to run into groups playing music, or dancing, or playing games under those walkways, when the sun gets to be too much. Also, these walkways can be a good way to exercise. Some of these in China are kilometers-long but worth the walk!

That’s all for the little tour of  the Chinese part of Pairi Daizai. Nincha had fun, and we hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Pictures by Mat and text by Jean-Rémi, two meowsome members of:

The Nincha Team

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NinchaneseNincha is visiting the Chinese Part of Pairi Daiza