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Nincha is visiting the Chinese Part of Pairi Daiza

Nincha was super excited to be with Mat visiting the Chinese Parts of Pairi Daiza this weekend! Take a small walk with Nincha and see his pictures to discover Chinese buildings and the little China that lives in Pairi Daiza.

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NinchaneseNincha is visiting the Chinese Part of Pairi Daiza

Cat sayings: 6 purrfect quotes in Chinese

Chinese people often like to use animal analogies when talking. This is called “animal culture”: some animals are given a certain symbolism and used in a metaphorical way to express human feelings. So, in many Chinese idioms or slang words, you’re likely to find animal metaphors used.. In Chinese, particularly, there are a lot of expressions and sayings where cats are involved. As you know, at Ninchanese, we’re big 喵星人 (miāo xīngrén – cat lovers), so today we’re showing you 6 catastic cat quotes in Chinese. Meow!

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NinchaneseCat sayings: 6 purrfect quotes in Chinese
  • batcat.jpg
  • bruce_cat-1.jpg
  • caishen_cat-1.jpg
  • chapcat.jpg
  • darth_vacat-1.jpg
  • elvis_prescat-1.jpg
  • harland_sandercat.jpg
  • isaac_newcat.jpg
  • jack_spaccat.jpg
  • james_bond_cat.jpg
  • maricat-1.jpg
  • santacat.jpg
  • sheriffblackcat.jpg
  • supercat.jpg
  • ultracat.jpg
  • zoccat.jpg

Pop Cat: Iconic Chinese cats!

It’s not Caturday but close! It’s Friday Cat time! So meet some of today’s cool cats turned into pop cat: Elvis Prescat, Bruce Cat, Darth Vacat and Caishencat and learn what they’re called in Chinese!

For Batman cat, Mario cat and more sweet pop cats, check out the “Iconic Cats” Collection by Shanghai-based illustrator A Ke!

I don’t know why but I could love see a movie based on these cats! They are cute; well design and hillarius. You must check it out.

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NinchanesePop Cat: Iconic Chinese cats!