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Spring in Chinese? Not just one but six terms!

Today is the first day of Spring! Finally! To celebrate today being the first day of spring, we wanted to share with you these beautiful illustration by Oamul (卤猫) depicting the different stages of spring. Did you know the Chinese divided spring into 6 terms? Read on to learn more!

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NinchaneseSpring in Chinese? Not just one but six terms!
  • batcat.jpg
  • bruce_cat-1.jpg
  • caishen_cat-1.jpg
  • chapcat.jpg
  • darth_vacat-1.jpg
  • elvis_prescat-1.jpg
  • harland_sandercat.jpg
  • isaac_newcat.jpg
  • jack_spaccat.jpg
  • james_bond_cat.jpg
  • maricat-1.jpg
  • santacat.jpg
  • sheriffblackcat.jpg
  • supercat.jpg
  • ultracat.jpg
  • zoccat.jpg

Pop Cat: Iconic Chinese cats!

It’s not Caturday but close! It’s Friday Cat time! So meet some of today’s cool cats turned into pop cat: Elvis Prescat, Bruce Cat, Darth Vacat and Caishencat and learn what they’re called in Chinese!

For Batman cat, Mario cat and more sweet pop cats, check out the “Iconic Cats” Collection by Shanghai-based illustrator A Ke!

I don’t know why but I could love see a movie based on these cats! They are cute; well design and hillarius. You must check it out.

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NinchanesePop Cat: Iconic Chinese cats!

Chinese artist Jian Guo: Tolkien and Blizzard meet stained glass

Today, I wanted to present an artist I discovered when I first started working for Ninchanese. Since then, his art has been an ongoing inspiration for some of my work. Jian Guo – or Breathing2004 on DeviantArt  and on Weibo – is a Chinese artist and freelance illustrator whose work was noticed online on the web, especially in the Blizzard and Lord of the Rings communities.

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NinchaneseChinese artist Jian Guo: Tolkien and Blizzard meet stained glass

East vs West – one pictograph at a time

Can you guess which picture shows the Chinese way of thinking and which one depicts the Western Way of thinking? We all know there are big differences in the way Westerners see the world and the way people in Asia see the world. A picture is worth more than a thousand words (or so they say) so what better way to showcase these differences than through pictographs?

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NinchaneseEast vs West – one pictograph at a time