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Chinese artist Jian Guo: Tolkien and Blizzard meet stained glass

Today, I wanted to present an artist I discovered when I first started working for Ninchanese. Since then, his art has been an ongoing inspiration for some of my work. Jian Guo – or Breathing2004 on DeviantArt  and on Weibo – is a Chinese artist and freelance illustrator whose work was noticed online on the web, especially in the Blizzard and Lord of the Rings communities.

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NinchaneseChinese artist Jian Guo: Tolkien and Blizzard meet stained glass

Top 12 memorable video game bosses

What’s your most memorable video game boss? This question came up when we were discussing how our evils bosses should be in Ninchanese. Yup, there are evil bosses in Ninchanese. Just like in your favorite video game. Had to figure out a way to sneak in a few tests to make sure you learned your Chinese good and all 😉

So we started wondering: which video game boss do we remember the best? Who made the most lasting impression on us?

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NinchaneseTop 12 memorable video game bosses

Video game in Chinese: the ultimate guide

If you follow this blog, you may have seen that we are working at an awesome place: the Plaine Images. What makes this place so awesome? Mainly its video game atmosphere! We love being here because at Ninchanese, we’ll be using game mechanics to help you (and even us) learn Chinese. The Plaine Images is even currently hosting an extraordinary exhibit about video games, which covers the history of video gaming, from its beginning in the 70s to what video games are like today. It also has a big ass game boy (that’s me trying to play it)!

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NinchaneseVideo game in Chinese: the ultimate guide