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Turn Learning Chinese Into a Habit

Did you find a time for your Chinese learning? Good. We’ll give you more tips later on how to find the best time in your day if you end up not liking the time you chose. Now, about making learning Chinese also something you want to come back to regularly? Making learning Chinese into a habit is the best way to progress and get you ready to speak the language.

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Aim for Consistency

Consistent learning sharpens your mind and improves your learning abilities. Set up regular learning sessions, don’t quit, and you’ll quickly see results. Similar to an athlete doing daily workouts, you need to practice your Chinese a little every day!

A Little Often Is Good

Take your time, and do a little each day. No need to plan a 3-hour session, 15-20 minutes on Ninchanese regularly is enough to turn learning Chinese into a habit. That’s just the amount of time needed to do your reviews and a new stage.

Give Your Brain What It Needs

It’s very easy to learn new words, the hardest part is to remember them! Make Chinese into a something you stick to and do regularly during the week and you’ll remember what you learn a lot more lastingly than if you just do a 3-hour session once in a blue moon.

Besides, Ninchanese is here to help you: The Nincha Machine knows where you’re at in your learning and tells you what to review and when. All you have to do is show up! Thanks to the Nincha Machine, your brain is able to remember the new words you learn. Pretty cool, huh?!

Your Mission

Your goal for this week? Turn Chinese into a habit!

Find your own method. Remember how being consistent can make you improve quickly. Set aside time each day to learn something new. If you have no idea where to start, here’s a 3-day schedule that might help you build your own program:

Day 1: Do all your reviews of your Chinese characters

Day 2: Do some Chinese time-attack stages

Day 3: Practice a listening Chinese stage 3 times

When your schedule is set, stick to that routine for several weeks and see how you like it!

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NinchaneseTurn Learning Chinese Into a Habit

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