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Marvelous Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions and Stories

Lucky us, there’s a delicious Chinese festival happening right now! It’s time for 中秋节, the Mid-Autumn festival! What better way to celebrate a festival than learning the meowsomest Mid-Autumn festival traditions, food, and stories? Read on, for, in this article, we’ll see what the Mid-Autumn festival is all about. We’ll also explore how China celebrates this festival and its origins!

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NinchaneseMarvelous Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions and Stories

World HSK 5: An Epic world for Epic Chinese learning

The HSK 5 world is now complete! The Nincha Team has been working tremendously to create and offer you a complete and interactive course to learn Chinese at an advanced level.

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NinchaneseWorld HSK 5: An Epic world for Epic Chinese learning

Beta updates for Ninchanese

Hello everyone! We just wanted to wish you happy holidays and give you some news! Happy New Year!

We’re wrapping up our second month of beta and above all, we really wanted to thank you for your feedback. Your ideas and comments are spot-on and they really contribute to building the best Chinese learning experience on Ninchanese!

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NinchaneseBeta updates for Ninchanese