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Chinese curriculum HSK1 HSK2 HSK3 HSK4 HSK5 HSK6

A Complete and Premium HSK1 to HSK6 Curriculum

Made by professional Chinese teachers, discover, learn, and progress in Chinese with this full HSK structured program to completely understand and be fluent in Chinese.


Learn more complex sentence structures, more practical vocabulary, and dialogues on the HSK2 level.


Be more accurate in explaining your ideas with greater character knowledge and 47 essential grammatical points covered.


Increase your Chinese vocabulary and discover new useful sentence structures. Confidently talk about a large range of topics and easily join discussions.


The course leads you to fluency with advanced grammar patterns. You will also understand Chinese cultural heritage with idioms and societal concepts.


Up Advanced - HSK6

Learn to be fluent in Chinese and able to work on a daily basis in China. You’ll know how to explain your ideas fully thanks to a deep knowledge of Chinese society.

Chinese curriculum HSK1 HSK2 HSK3 HSK4 HSK5 HSK6

Unique and Specialized Chinese courses

Take your learning further than the HSK. Explore special courses crafted from years of teaching Chinese, students’ real needs, and advanced science.

Discover our premium and exclusive method to change the way you learn Chinese.

From our expat life experience in China, we selected the must-know sentences and situations you’ll encounter during your visit to China.


Learn the three different types of Chinese components that exist: meaning, phonetic and graphic, and understand Chinese character formation better.


Learn 5000 Mandarin characters at light speed with the help of Science! The most advanced way to learn Chinese characters yet, and the most effective.


An irresistible course based on our love of Chinese cuisine. You’ll be considered a Chef and bring joy making Chinese dishes.


Ever wanted to learn Chinese through gaming? Take this fundamental course to be able to play in Chinese.


Computer and Science

Surfing the Chinese internet and feeling lost? You won’t be with this complete course on web and computer wording.


Movies, books and comics

Speak about your passions with this Chinese vocabulary around pop culture.


Chinese stars and celebrities

Show your love to Chinese stars and well-known people in China.


Surprise Event Courses

There are events regularly and we love to celebrate them with you!

Coming Soon

Start learning right away

Choose the world you want to dive into and start learning! No need to make decks, select Chinese sentences, or anything.
Our teachers have tailored a system instantly usable so you don’t lose time looking for what to learn.

You get coached all the way

Nincha will help you understand the Chinese language. He is your coach to successfully learn Chinese. That’s not all, he’ll also tell you about Chinese culture and the way of life in China.

You will get motivated with Nincha, but also thanks to the gamification with leaderboard, badges, speed attack challenges, and more.

Mandarin Chinese is fun and adorable with Nincha!

Why Does Ninchanese Work So Well?

Because learning the right things, at the right moment with the right tools
is what makes Ninchanese’s method unbelievably efficient.

Remember 97% of all the characters you learn

You won’t forget Chinese characters anymore thanks to a personalized learning system made especially with the Chinese language in mind.

An SRS system specially designed to learn Chinese characters efficiently.

Produce Chinese that makes sense

You’ll learn 150+ Chinese sentence patterns with the support of complete grammar lessons, explaining simply the syntax and exceptions. You won’t be thinking “How do I say that?”

Hundreds of grammar exercises and lessons to understand Chinese grammar in-depth.

Speak Chinese and be understood, really.

There’s nothing more frustrating than learning thousands of characters and not being able to say a single one correctly. It won’t happen to you thanks to the dialogue speaking exercises that understand the tones you use. Practice talking and get ready to speak confidently in Chinese in real-life.

A fine-tuned voice recognition to get every tone right on any character and sentence.

Understand when Chinese People speak

And learn how to write Chinese at the same time with our embedded IME. Learn to recognize which character is said, and write it with the correct characters. Soon you’ll understand better spoken Chinese.

Finally, a listening practice for you to train your listening and Chinese writing skills.

What Our Users Are Saying

Ken Interview

Ninchanese has taken me from the beginners’ level through the advanced level. Ninchanese covers all levels. It makes it easy to study when everything is put into an easy-to-use and addictive, point-scoring, competitive format.

Philippe Interview

I like the friendly design and enthusiastic atmosphere, which makes learning a lot more pleasant. It’s really great to interact with the teachers and get answers about this or that point of grammar. 🙂

Alexis Interview

The lessons and vocabulary I had on Ninchanese were incredibly in sync with what I was studying at Jiaotong University. It really helped me a lot as a support tool to remember what I saw in class.

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