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Infographic: Should you learn Chinese?

Wondering if you should learn Chinese? This picture takes a look at whether Americans are at a linguistic disadvantage considering China’s rapid rise; and its quick increase in the number of English speakers. So, take a look at this infographic and take a leaf out of China’s book!

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NinchaneseInfographic: Should you learn Chinese?

Ancient Chinese fashion A timeline of women in China

What was ancient Chinese fashion like? How did it evolve as Dynasties changed and replaced each other? This infographic shows how Women’s dress fashion evolved in China throughout the age, and shows how much each new ruler sought to impose their style on its Chinese denizens.

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NinchaneseAncient Chinese fashion A timeline of women in China

Dragon Boat Festival! 端午节快乐!

Today is 端午节(duān wǔ jié), the Dragon Boat Festival!

Time to race in dragon-shaped boats, eat delicious rice balls, called 粽子 (Zòngzi) filled with various tasty fillings and discover the many other customs associated with this holiday, such as balancing eggs to bring yourself good luck for the coming year! Let us tell you all about it!

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NinchaneseDragon Boat Festival! 端午节快乐!

Body parts in Chinese – Infographic! Your key to a perfect massage

Like Chinese massages? This infographic of human body parts in Chinese will be very useful to explain where you’d like to get a massage. Comes in handy in other situations too! Learn how to describe your body from head to toe in Chinese with this handy worksheet.

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NinchaneseBody parts in Chinese – Infographic! Your key to a perfect massage