The secret Chinese technique to pass your exams

Currently studying for your exams? How’s it going? Did you plan ahead your studies or are you resorting to cramming methods to ensure you know everything you need to know to pass your exams? Well, here’s a secret Chinese technique you simply need to know. It’ll help you stay focused, study… and ace your exams! Find out what this technique is after the jump!

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NinchaneseThe secret Chinese technique to pass your exams

Google isn’t your friend when learning Chinese

When was the last time you were on a Chinese website? Not recently I bet. Why is that, you think? Here’s my guess:  You seldom come across Chinese sites in your online everyday browsing experience!  Why aren’t you coming across them? It’s not because they’re not popular. Quite the opposite. They’re extremely popular. In China. And, they are all in Chinese. So Google (or whatever search engine you use) pretty much ignores them. Don’t worry, though, here’s a simple hack to bring more Chinese into your online world!

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NinchaneseGoogle isn’t your friend when learning Chinese

Top Chinese music sites to learn Chinese with music

Listening to Chinese music is a great way to learn Chinese. It helps you get a feel for the language, its rhythm, hear and learn new words in (song) context… But where do you go to listen to Chinese music online? Asian number one popsongs aside (think we’re all about Gangnam style-d out), up and coming Asian and Chinese artists aren’t always easy to find on our western-centric music sites. So, to keep you from missing out anymore on great Chinese and Asian artists, and to give you a new way of learning Chinese, here’s the top Chinese music site.

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NinchaneseTop Chinese music sites to learn Chinese with music

HSK test: check you’re ready to take the HSK

Think you’re ready to take the HSK? Here’s a great way to check: the official Chinese online mock HSK tests! And they’re free!

One thing though: they’re all in Chinese. Just like the real HSK test will be. Don’t worry though! This step by step walkthrough will get you started with this great HSK test practice in no time.

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NinchaneseHSK test: check you’re ready to take the HSK

HSK – 3 cases where you should be taking the HSK

To prove how good you are in English, you can take the TOEIC or the TOEFL. These standardized exams are used across the world to assess the English level of non-native English speakers. Want to assess your level in Chinese? You’re in luck, the Chinese Hanban (National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) created the HSK Chinese exams for that exact purpose a few years ago. Read on to learn more about the exam and why you should be taking it!

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NinchaneseHSK – 3 cases where you should be taking the HSK

Chinese tones: Oops, that’s the wrong tone!

Think tones don’t matter when speaking Chinese? Wait til you get to China and try to say something. Odds are you’ll draw blank stares and shrugs because no one can understand what you’re saying. Or worse, you might suddenly get insulted, for a seemingly unknown reason! The culprit? Your Chinese tones!

Those five little accents are key to being understood in China and maintaining peaceful interactions with people. This is a lesson I learned the hard way when I first moved to China…

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NinchaneseChinese tones: Oops, that’s the wrong tone!

Spaced repetition: Use it and learn Chinese for good

Turning information into lasting knowledge is a science. Really remembering something is a science. And like any science, it requires great tools. One of the most effective memorization methods and tools? Spaced repetition. So much in fact that spaced repetition will absolutely be part of the Ninchanese learning experience. Here’s why we love it.

“People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.”

Samuel Johnson, an 18th century English essayist, pinpointed this important fact early on: a key to long term memory retention is being reminded.

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NinchaneseSpaced repetition: Use it and learn Chinese for good