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Borrow Jet Li’s Recipe for Success to Learn Chinese

Did you try to build your focus? Did Confucius’s proverb help you? I bet you’re on the right path to building patience! It takes time, but don’t worry you’ll master it soon. That reminds me of another Master. The notorious Jet Li. For him, having good energy and never feeling let down no matter what were key. Here’s what he said:

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NinchaneseBorrow Jet Li’s Recipe for Success to Learn Chinese

Become More Confident in Chinese

Motivation is key to becoming a great Chinese speaker, but you know what else is important? Confidence! You need to feel confident enough to dare talk to someone in Chinese and practice. It can be scary, at first, to talk Chinese in front of strangers, you may be afraid of being mocked or observed. But if you don’t try, you’ll never reach your goal. Don’t let shyness rule your fluency!

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NinchaneseBecome More Confident in Chinese

Progress In Chinese Is Within Your Reach

So, which dialogue did you pick? Aren’t you glad you did that hard work? It’s rewarding to see yourself progress.

In Chinese, there’s a very famous quote saying:


Shīfù lǐng jìnmén, xiūxíng zài gèrén.

The master may teach, but progress is up to the hard work of the student.

What great inspiration, don’t you think?

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NinchaneseProgress In Chinese Is Within Your Reach