Press Release – Ninchanese, a gamified Chinese learning application in open beta, now available for all.

Nincha Languages, an innovative company that combines the power of gamification with scientifically-proven learning methods to create a captivating and motivating Chinese language platform, Ninchanese, announces the launch of Ninchanese in open Beta on

Ninchanese is the result of three years of hard work to change the traditional Chinese learning methods into an incredible learning experience. Through this immersive story-based application, learners have access to a comprehensive learning approach working on their writing, reading, listening as well as speaking skills so they can level up their Chinese step by step.

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NinchanesePress Release – Ninchanese, a gamified Chinese learning application in open beta, now available for all.

10 tips to get the most out of Ninchanese

Welcome to Ninchanese! Ninchanese has a simple and intuitive interface and system you can use to have fun learning Chinese, but we’ve found some features and aspects that can sometimes be overlooked. We want you to have a blast learning Chinese on Ninchanese, so here are a few great tips to have a fully enjoyable Chinese learning experience on Ninchanese. Use these 10 tips and tricks to get the most out of Ninchanese.

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Ninchanese10 tips to get the most out of Ninchanese

Ninchanese is in open beta

Ninchanese wants to change the way we all learn Chinese. Since its inception, its goal has been to offer an enjoyable and effective way to learn Chinese. After more than 3 years of hard work, including a year of private beta and thousands of beta user feedback messages, we’re happy to announce today: Ninchanese is now accessible to all in open beta! You can now give the application a try and change the way you learn Chinese! Read on to see what being in open beta changes for you and Ninchanese. 

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NinchaneseNinchanese is in open beta

New: listening stages on Ninchanese!

A new year is upon us! Best wishes for 2016 to all you from the Nincha Team, may it be purrfect in every way for you! As we usher in a new year, we’re happy to be welcoming a new feature on Ninchanese: there are now listening stages to go with Baimei’s Speaking Mode. It’s live now, so if you want to skip the rest of this post and go try it out directly, we won’t be offended. Just go see Baimei and pick the listening mode as you start a stage!

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NinchaneseNew: listening stages on Ninchanese!

Ready for some serious Chinese learning? World 4 is here!

Fearing you’re going to be spending too much time with your family these holidays and looking for a way to get away? We might have just what you need: a fresh new world to explore on Ninchanese! Yup, we’re very proud to announce the arrival of World 4: Rock on, Tiger! on the app.

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NinchaneseReady for some serious Chinese learning? World 4 is here!

Voice and stroke order animation update

Welcome to this week’s beta update! There were quite a lot of things in store in this week’s beta update to keep improving your Chinese learning experience. A new voice for the app’s sounds, way better stroke order animations, improved word pages, and more await you in the app!

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NinchaneseVoice and stroke order animation update

The Automatic Sound, Stars and Awesome Popup Beta Update

It’s been a while since our last blog article about an update, as we’ve been working on all sorts of improvements but keeping things under wraps, and silent doing little updates here and there (adding a new progress indicator, for instance). Our last major update added more content: World 2 and World 3 and plenty of new stages, wohoo!

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NinchaneseThe Automatic Sound, Stars and Awesome Popup Beta Update

World 3 is out – Intermediate level now available

Hot on the wheels of World 2, we’re very excited to be now giving you access to World 3 of Ninchanese in Early Access! We worked hard to bring you plenty of new content at an intermediate level of Mandarin Chinese. Intermediate learners, this is for you: pre-order and get access to plenty of new content to skyrocket your Chinese level.

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NinchaneseWorld 3 is out – Intermediate level now available